ABH Partners Supplies and distributes different medical equipment, scientific supplies, and pharmaceutical service across different corners of Ethiopia and neighboring countries
Comprehensive Solution for better Healthcare.
ABH Pharma has rich experience in pharmaceutical machinery and equipment,
We are the leading professional pharmaceutical machinery and equipment supplier;
Choose ABH as your trusted Total Heath Care Solution Provider
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 About Us  

More than 12 years of experience in the different business sectors in Ethiopia has laid a foundation for the birth of ABH Pharma and scientific supply division The pharmaceutical and scientific supply division of ABH Partners PLC currently collaborates with numerous private and public hospitals,international and local NGOs, and other health sectors in Ethiopia.    Discover more +

What We Provide

Providing high-quality healthcare and service Solutions.


Health Care Solutions

  •   Total healthcare Solution
  •   Consultancy/Projects



Service Solutions

  •   Commercial Operation
  •   Technical Support



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Choose ABH as Your Trusted Total Health Care Solution Provider

One of ABH Partners' divisions, the Pharma and Scientific Division, was established as a result of the company's 12 years of successful operation.

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Each customer at ABH has a dedicated contact who serves as their primary point of contact for all inquiries. You can rest assured that your request will be routed to the ABH Pharma employee who is most qualified to handle it.


Health, as we all know, does not wait. Whether a customer request is of a commercial, application, technical, administrative, or accounting nature, all of our workers are keen to answer as promptly as possible.


Dedicated to the personalized and regular solutions and services we offer. We offer unrestricted application and technical assistance to address all inquiries about using our products and services.




Recent ProjectsFrom concept to planning, design, installation, maintenance, and technical service support, we provide a whole chain of services.

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